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Advanced Pharmaceutical Selling Techniques
41 Lectures 4 Hours

The first specialized online course in pharmaceutical selling skills that aims to prepare highly qualified medical sales representatives to be good assets for multinational companies.This course is designed to provide medical representatives in the pharmaceutical market with all key elements and concepts of contemporary sales. It helps medical representatives to acquire and implement the most recent updated techniques used in sales on both basic and advanced levels. ...


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Aesthetic Correction of Anterior Teeth; Special Weapons And Tactics
15 Lectures 4 Hours

In modern dental practice, it is quite common to deal with anterior natural teeth that need aesthetic enhancement.Caries, trauma & congenital anomalies of anterior teeth can significantly deteriorate the patient well being & appearance.Direct composites in the hands of a   professional dentist can be life-changing for the patient. In this course, the speaker shares his knowledge on how to professionally manage cases in need of aesthetic enhancement of their anterior teeth ...


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Introduction To Glaucoma - Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment
10 Lectures 2 Hours

The course will cover all basic aspects of glaucoma including, diagnosis, type, and management. ...


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Beyond The Basics Of Bariatric Nutrition
28 Lectures 4 Hours

All about the best clinical nutrition practices, before, during and after bariatric surgery, including best clinical advice for management of short and long term complications regarding  nutritional, surgical, medical and psychological aspects.   ...


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Vision & Refractive Correction Basics
20 Lectures 4 Hours

Illustration of corrective procedures basic rules, errors of refraction with its explanation.- Introduction about general rules of refractive correction errors of refraction- Classification of myopia (causes, types, and treatment).- Hypermetropia (types and treatment).- Astigmatism and how to deal with it.- Aberrations and the recent way to diagnose recent classification of refractive correction complications of Lasik (how to expect) how to deal with it?- Phakic Iols and all as the mos ...


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Basics of Sports Nutrition
8 Lectures 2 Hours

This course offers an overview of the roles nutrient selection, and timing play in supporting and improving human physical performance. Emphasis will be placed on applying evidence-based strategies and recommendations according to the latest guidelines. In addition, current controversies within the field will be explored. ...


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General Bacteriology
16 Lectures 2 Hours

The course will discuss the general knowledge about bacteriology, structure, physiology, replication, and genetics of bacteria.Also, we will discuss the weapons we use to fight bacteria "Antibiotics" and how bacteria can resist it.you can understand how bacteria can change their properties and the details about the host-parasite relationship. ...


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Autism Spectrum Disorder: What You Need To Know
14 Lectures 2 Hours

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is receiving much more attention than in the past. It has been portrayed in several movies and documentaries.ASD is a developmental disability defined by diagnostic criteria that include deficits in social communication and social interactionThere are several myths concerning the disorder, in the course, these myths will be identified and corrected. Moreover, we will focus on the etiology, genetic basis for ASD, adding to different etiological factors, the early si ...


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Principles of Pharmaceutical Marketing
35 Lectures 6 Hours

- Pharmaceutical marketing is totally different from other industries' marketing - This course is customized for marketing basics, elements and tools that fit the pharmaceutical industry- After this course, you are able to design a fully integrated marketing plan. ...


USD 52
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CBCT& Dental Implant From A To Z
18 Lectures 3 Hours

The course explains the role of radiographic techniques in each step in dental implantology with the emphasis on the role of CBCT.Essential information, as well as how to manipulate CBCT images in steps to formulate a protocol that is simple to apply and precise, are explained in a detailed way.  ...


USD 37