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Meduo is an E-learning platform that provides various training courses in the fields of healthcare. We aim to upgrade medical education through providing an educational experience with the highest quality, highest responsiveness to the needs of healthcare workers, modern techniques and provided by the best instructors in the field of healthcare.We provide a modern learning experience that actively engages your employees and offers a seamless and satisfying educational journey.

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Answeres to your most common questions

You can choose the best subscription for you based on your learning objectives and short term or long term goals
Inside each course, you will find all the details you needed, from the instructor qualifications to the lectures and the covered topics
You can ask your questions inside each lecture and the instructor shall receive and answer them, you will receive a notification when the instructor answers your questions.
You can take the exam multiple times until you pass it, you just have to wait 2 weeks after every failed attempt in order to re-take the same exam again.
You can apply to become an instructor by clicking here, or you can upload your own course on our platform, for more information click here
Right now, you need to have an active internet connection in order to view the courses on our website
You can download the supporting materials of each course from the course page itself
After you pass an exam of any course, you would then be able to generate your certificate by entering the Full name that you wish to be added to the certificate, you will find your certificate on "My Certificates" page under your account
Currently, we do not support refunds for any of our subscriptions