Dr. Mofeeda Hussien ali

Master degree in pediatrics medical school Cairo university

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ESPEN Diploma in clinical nutrition 

Member of ESPEN 

Member of EgySPEN 

Pediatric clinical nutrition diploma from NTI 

Hospital management diploma from AUC 2010 

5 years in about eesh children hospital as PICU clinical nutritionist 

5 years as a clinical nutritional consultant in an animal hospital 

2 years in and el Hayat as cardiac rehabilitation clinical nutritional consultant.

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Neonatal Nutrition From 0 To 18 Month

Dr. Mofeeda Hussien ali

Neonatal Nutrition From 0 To 18 Month

USD 18

Last updated: 2021-03-31 13:52:10

Neonatal Nutrition From 0 To 18 Month
12 lectures 00:53:1 hours

We will provide you as a new mother with the information on feeding your child from day one and through one and a half year including some of the problems you might face and how...