Dr. Ahmed Safwat

International Expert of Healthcare Quality & Clinical Governance

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Brief Biography:

Originally, I am a consultant neonatologist with about 22 years of experience in healthcare with Strong academic and practical background regarding standards development and validation, clinical governance, organizational analysis, strategic leadership, performance improvement, change management and accreditation design & support.

At present:

(GAHAR) is the highest Independent National body which is responsible for developing the national healthcare standards and ensuring compliance of all healthcare facilities with them. (GAHAR)

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Accreditation Made Easy

Dr. Ahmed Safwat

Accreditation Made Easy

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Accreditation Made Easy
15 lectures 02:59:23 hours

This course helps you dealing effectively with different types of healthcare accreditation manuals, exploring them, choosing the most relevant one to your organisation and working efficiently to implement it in a sustainable way. In other...