Dr. Ahmed Mokhtar

HR Manager and Training Consultant

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Dr. Ahmed is a pharmacist who works as a researcher activity coordinator at Elsevier,  he graduated from the Faculty Of Pharmacy, Al-Azhar University,2011 & was certified as professional learning & performance expert from American society for learning & development, also he was  certified as a designer for learning& training material from ATD (Association for talent
Additionally, He is certified from the American University In Cairo for human resources management diploma 2014.
Moreover, he was the head of the scientific community at student unions during his undergraduate stage.
After graduation,  he started his  career as a medical rep & after that moved to work as a training specialist, training supervisor, training manager, then he worked as researcher activity coordinator (Egyptian Knowledge bank Project) & finally, HR manager
He has also published the book: Learning & Development Models Digest

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Secrets of Interview

Dr. Ahmed Mokhtar

Secrets of Interview

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Secrets of Interview
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How to pass the interview with updated techniques. How to manage the interview. It’s useful for both the interviewer and interviewee.