Dr. Heba Hamdy

Child Psychiatrist

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Dr. Heba specialized in child psychiatrists, special needs, and pediatrics. Holds Master's degree in pediatrics and neonatology and qualifies for a Ph.D. degree in child studies from Ain Shams University. Has diplomas and courses in art therapy, projective tests, BT, CBT, and Montessori  from Arab Institute of Mental health, Ain Shams University

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CBT for PTSD & Anxiety in Children

Dr. Heba Hamdy

CBT for PTSD & Anxiety in Children

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CBT for PTSD & Anxiety in Children
25 lectures 04:17:1 hours

Anxiety is considered a common disorder in child psychiatric clinics, but it is usually difficult to be diagnosed because it is an internal disorder and the child cannot describe his symptoms accurately. You will learn...

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