Dr. Shukri Shawki

Healthcare Management Consultant

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  • More than 10 years of experience in the field of healthcare management, quality, and consultations.
  • Dr. Shukri works in different sectors in Egyptian healthcare sectors, governmental, Academic and private.
  • Dr. Shukri is a well-known consultant in the field of performance improvement and healthcare quality in Egypt.
  • He works for different consulting firms nationally and internationally and he participated in founding one of them.
  • He was the conference chairman of FORAS 1 and 2 which focused on the investment opportunities and challenges in different sectors of the Egyptian healthcare market.


Additional Information


  • Dr. Shukri is a part-time instructor of healthcare quality and hospital management in different institutions such as the Arab Academy for sciences and transportation, Sadat Academy for management sciences and others.
  • Dr. Shukri also is known for his not for profit contributions for spreading the knowledge of healthcare management science all over Egypt, on top of that MESRI Initiative of which Dr. Shukri is the CEO and Founder

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Dr. Shukri Shawki

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