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In Arabic & English Specialized In Pharmacy


Critical Care Pharmacy specializes in the delivery of patient care services by pharmacists, as integral members of interprofessional teams, working to ensure the safe and effective use of medications in critically ill patients.

The purpose of the EOP program is to validate that the pharmacist has the advanced knowledge and experience to optimize patient outcomes by:
* Quickly assessing clinical data and delivering direct patient care to the critically ill and injured patient who may require specialized pharmacologic or technological interventions to maintain blood pressure, respiration, nutrition, and other homeostatic functions, in addition to helping to manage the patient’s primary condition.
* Reviewing, analyzing, and frequently reassessing multifaceted clinical and technological data to make reasoned decisions for patients with life-threatening conditions and complex medication regimens whose pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic parameters differ substantially from the non–critically ill patient.

start date : 2022-08-15 20:42:57

Accreditation, Arab Pharmacists Union, and Egyptian Organization for Pharmacy EOP

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