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This course includes :

10:49:00 Hours on-demand video Full lifetime access Certificate of Completion In Arabic & English Created at: 2021-09-21 17:08:49 Updated at: 2021-10-27 10:41:30
USD 92USD 55

This course includes :

10:49:00 Hours on-demand video Full lifetime access Certificate of Completion In Arabic & English Created at: 2021-09-21 17:08:49 Updated at: 2021-10-27 10:41:30

You Will Learn

Elderly care course:

  • An introduction to the care and lifestyle of the elderly.
  • Knowing the physiological changes of the body's organs and common diseases at that stage.
  • Psychosocial care to improve the lives of the elderly
  • Exercises to facilitate movement and protect against falls.
  • Methods of transportation and types of auxiliary machines and effective methods of communication appropriate to deal with them.
  • Appropriate diets for the elderly.

Nursing first aid course:

  • What emergencies may nursing deal with and how to prepare the patient for primary care?
  • First aid to deal with emergencies.
  • The steps of initial cardiopulmonary resuscitation and the installation of the gastric rail tube with high-quality imaging.
  • Nursing homes during and after operations.
  • The difference between a vein and an artery with an explanation of the structure of the cannula for a suitable vein with high-quality imaging.
  • The importance of intravenous solutions and their types and an explanation of the advantages and disadvantages

Nursing care course for the surgical patient:

  • Categories and types of surgery and the patient's preparation for it.
  • Physical and functional examination of the patient's indicators before surgery.
  • Nursing operating room.
  • Dealing with the anesthesia stage.
  • The role of nursing in the post-operative and recovery phase is to follow up the indicators of the body's systems.
  • The proper handling of nursing for complications after surgery and its care

Intensive care unit course:

  • Intensive care unit devices and their handling.
  • How to read and interpret the results of arterial blood gases and the rest of the patient's indicators.
  • The different types of intravenous solutions used in the intensive care unit.
  • The most frequently used emergency drugs in the intensive care unit.
  • Basics of respirators and alarms.
  • How to care for critically ill patients
  • Various health assessment systems for critically ill patients.
  • Infection control and safety procedures in the intensive care unit.


The nursing profession is no less important than the medical profession, as they are the first to communicate with the patient and provide him with primary health care in order to save his life. That is why we offer you a nursing diploma that will take you on a journey to learn how to deal with different patients in different circumstances and psychological, health, and social conditions and how to Avoid surgical complications and use infection control measures


Meduo Certificate of Completion

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