Dr. Tarek Refaay

Food Safety and Quality Consultant

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  • Dr. Tarek is one of the most famous reputable tutors and auditors within the middle east, he trainer more than 20.000 delegates in courses and conduct about 1000 third party audit in more than 20 countries all over the world like Switzerland, UK, Spain, Poland, Turkey, KSA, UAE, Qatar, Rwanda, Congo, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Burundi, etc...
  • Dr. Tarek has a master's degree in zoonotic diseases, a master's degree in business administration, ongoing Ph.D. in Zoonotic diseases.
  • Dr. Tarek approved as a lead auditor and tutor for many standards.
  • Dr. Tarek approved to teach IRCA courses, approved as a trainer from Highfield awarding body for compliance UK, and approved from the chartered institute of environmental health UK.
  • Tarek managed certification and training services within premium certification bodies during the last 10 years within middle east countries, recently he is working as a certification and training manager for OCA global.

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