Nutrition for public Program

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This course includes :

23:15:00 Hours on-demand video Full lifetime access Certificate of Completion In Arabic & English Created at: 2021-09-21 17:14:40 Updated at: 2021-10-27 07:06:20
USD 95USD 57

This course includes :

23:15:00 Hours on-demand video Full lifetime access Certificate of Completion In Arabic & English Created at: 2021-09-21 17:14:40 Updated at: 2021-10-27 07:06:20

You Will Learn

  • Understand the differences between different types of diet
  • Determine the right system for you
  • Understand more about breastfeeding in a way that comforts the mother and protects the child from bloating and gas
  • Understand the factors that control teenage weight
  • The nutrition of the elderly must be carried out according to scientific rules to suit the state of their body systems and facilitate their lives
  • Relationship of calories to body fat and its control over the physique
  • Basic components of any diet
  • The Role of Weight Control Products and Herbs
  • Pre-school feeding and school feeding
  • Dates for introducing liquid, semi-solid and solid food for infants
  • Identify food allergies and symptoms of bean anemia, milk allergy, and carotene excess.


The role of proper nutrition is not only limited to losing weight or getting a slim body, but also to many health benefits that include: improving concentration and cognition, healthy growth, especially for children, controlling health problems associated with pregnancy and aging, the freshness of the Skin and Hair health and prevention of hair loss, building muscle for athletes and many more.
The diploma consists of 5 courses that will cover all interests of non-specialists in nutrition in a smooth and clear language. The diploma discusses:

1- Neonatal nutrition from 0-18 months:

Starting breastfeeding properly guarantees not to cause gas for the baby or trouble for the mother
How to introduce liquid, semi-solid, and solid food.
How to recognize the signs of food allergy
Dairy allergies and dealing with it
Recognizing and distinguishing the symptoms of carotenoid excess and bean anemia
When and how to serve grains, proteins, and dairy
What foods are forbidden in each period of the infant's development?

2- Childhood and adolescence obesity:

Breastfeeding versus formula milk in terms of necessity, advantages, and disadvantages
Preschool Nutrition
school feeding
Correct nutrition in adolescence
Important nutrients for each group
Dealing with obesity in children and adolescents
Common feeding problems in childhood and adolescence

3-Seniors nutrition:

Physical and psychological factors that affect the nutritional status of the elderly.
How to calculate their calorie needs
Important micronutrients for the elderly to improve focus, digestion, joint health, and more.
Choosing what suits their health status from carbohydrates, protein, fats, dairy, vegetables, and fruits, and their expected impact on the functioning of the digestion process.
Planning a diet suitable for the elderly with practical application
Physical activity and sports for the elderly


4- Comparison between popular diet plans:

The importance of making a detailed and customized diet for each case
The most important information you need to know to choose a suitable system
Basic components of any diet
A detailed explanation of five of the most popular systems currently:

First: Dukan Diet
Second: Keto Diet
Third: intermittent fasting
Fourth: Calculating Calories and Macronutrient
Fifth: The Caveman Diet

Comparing the five systems and finding out who is the most suitable person for each diet

5-How to plan your own diet:

Introduction to designing healthy and balanced eating plans
The difference between appetite and hunger and the factors controlling them.
The effect of calories that enter the body in the formation of fat and consequently weight loss or gain.
Determining obesity and overweight issues and their health consequences
The different types of diet are common, such as:
keto diet
Low carb diet
Low-fat diet
Caveman system
Answer Questions About Obesity Control Products Weight Loss Strategies
About the role of herbs in weight loss


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